Tabitha Ward

Weight Management Dietitian
& Health Writer


I am a HCPC Registered Dietitian, with a keen interest in weight management. Currently, I am working as a Senior Public Health Dietitian in weight management for a local authority. My role is pretty varied, but mainly I provide personalised nutrition advice to clients to help them follow a healthier lifestyle and make sustainable changes for life.

Alongside the day job, I am a freelance health writer. I write for several magazines, websites and blogs on a variety of nutrition topics and produce evidence-based articles to bridge the gap between food and health and help bust common nutrition myths. I also work for the Health Nutritionist on a freelance basis. This involves providing practical nutrition advice to both clients and companies. In my down time, I love travelling, trying new cuisines, and climbing fig trees.

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"Tabitha has been an excellent nutritionist for Dr Will's - really helping us to translate complex nutritional information into a format that is easier to understand for the consumer. She set up nutritional information sheets for all of our products, the nutritional FAQs on our website and has helped us with recipe development for our healthier summer BBQ campaign. Tabitha is very knowledgeable, efficient, hard-working and I'd highly recommend her."

Liam White, Co-Founder of Dr. Will's

"Tabitha has contributed to a number of articles for Men’s Health, aimed at demystifying complicated messages about healthy eating. She has a knack for turning dry research papers into accessible, actionable magazine content. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a writer with both nutrition credentials and good communication skills."

Scarlett Wrench, Features Editor at Men’s Health

"Tabitha has provided a range of high quality and evidence based written content for NHD magazine. Always professional and a pleasure to work with, she has written articles and blog pieces focusing on topics such as malabsorption and store cupboard staples during Covid-19.Tabitha is a proficient and conscientious writer, whom we are proud to work with and would recommend for other health writing work and projects."

Emma Coates, Editor of NHD magazine

"Tabitha is a trusted source of nutrition advice, who I can rely on to provide both quick summaries and more in-depth looks at the latest food trends and research."

Isaac Williams, Editor of Men’s Fitness

"Tabitha has a great manner and I can confidently recommend her as a dietitian and health writer. She promotes healthy lifestyles in a practical and achievable way rather than as a tedious chore to be endured. Her articles are always interesting and the language is specially tailored to her audience. I look forward to reading her next article."

Toni Jenkins RGN RM PGDip, Independent Bariatric Nurse Consultant

"Tabitha brought energy and enthusiasm to Tesco magazine. She applied her nutritional expertise to brainstorming brilliant ideas and writing features on health and diet for a broad audience, as well as suggesting solutions for making recipes healthier. This is a fast-paced magazine and Tabitha was a proactive, positive and diligent member of the team. Loved having her with us!"

Lauren Rose-Smith, Editor of Tesco Magazine

"Tabitha is a highly gifted dietitian and her level of care and commitment to her clients and their well being is outstanding. Whenever I have a client with special dietary needs, I am confident in consulting with Tabitha. She is highly resourceful and is always able to help me figure out the best course of action for my clients. She is knowledgeable about so many aspects of food, health and nutrition and I enjoy working with her immensely.”

Tracy Callhan Saltzman, Private Chef